Recognizing employees’ career milestones with 360 Recognition is incredibly easy and efficient with Terryberry’s 360 Recognition platform. But just because recognizing service anniversaries has become a simple and automated process, does not mean that celebrating your employees’ career contributions should be treated as an after thought or unimportant. To get the most out of your recognition program, you need to be willing to make a big deal out of a big deal.

In order to help make your employees’ service anniversaries as meaningful, memorable, and motivating as possible, Terryberry’s team has developed an additional tool for your organization’s managers.  Previously, 360 Recognition was only able to notify managers that one of their employees was celebrating a service anniversary on the date the career milestone took place. With our new tools, we have the ability to notify managers days or weeks in advance, even sending multiple reminders to provide them ample opportunity to make their employees service anniversaries a big deal.

Our new manager notifications for career milestones can be configured to send as frequently and as many days in advance as you would like. Want your managers to get a notification 7 days out with another reminder the day before? We can do that. Want a notification a month in advance, with follow ups each week leading up to the milestone award date? We can do that. You get to choose what the notification schedule looks like for your company.  Whatever schedule you choose will apply to all managers, and they can opt in or out of the notifications from their profile page notification settings. Please note, managers cannot choose an individual schedule, they are either all in or all out of the notifications, so plan your notification schedule accordingly.

This new feature will be rolled out during the first week of July, with notifications scheduled for 7 days and 3 days in advance of employee milestones. You will be receiving a separate email from your primary support Specialist, allowing you to customize the frequency or opt out of these new notifications. Should you have any questions regarding Manager Milestone Notifications and your 360 Recognition program, please reach out to your Terryberry 360 Specialist, they’ll be happy to answer any questions.