When it comes to recognition in the workplace, specificity is important. Recognition should be values-driven, focused on the attitudes, behaviors, and contributions that align with your organization’s mission statement. Values-driven recognition helps to exemplify and highlight the types of behaviors that you want to see repeated time and again within your business.

But what about the other stuff? The activities, contributions, dates, and events that employees are expecting you to notice, but that don’t really fall within the realm of workplace performance? How do you attach a core value to someone’s anniversary?  What part of the mission statement aligns with someone’s birthday?  Values-driven recognition is great, and it’s critical to the success of a performance driven program, but it can occasionally leave gaps, holes where social recognition and community building can fall through. Like values-driven recognition, social recognition and the relationships that make up your workplace community are key pieces to a successful recognition culture.

That’s why here at Terryberry, and within our 360 Recognition platform, we’ve embraced eCards. We understand that welcoming a new member to the team, congratulating someone on big life events, and periodically saying thank you to those you work with are necessary pieces to the recognition puzzle.  eCards are a free feature for any 360 Recognition program that is utilizing Give a Wow (peer to peer recognition) or Award Your Team (manager-driven recognition).  And we encourage you to use them.

Next week Wednesday, April 22nd, is Administrative Professionals’ day. It’s a day that we celebrate every year here at Terryberry, and we’d like to invite you to celebrate it with us.  Take a minute on Wednesday morning and send a quick note of appreciation to your administrative staff.  We’re committed to helping, so we’ve even created a new eCard template specific to the event.  You’ll be able to find it in the Holidays category when sending an eCard.

If you don’t currently use eCards as part of your 360 Recognition program and would like to have them added to your site, simply reach out to your 360 Recognition Specialist. We’d be happy to turn that feature on for you.

Stay safe. Be well.