Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to get to know your employees? Are you looking for ways to make an employee’s first few days with your team fun and welcoming? Have you ever wondered if you’re speaking the same language as your employees when it comes to recognition? 360 Recognition’s latest feature is the tool for you.

Introducing Onboarding – a new feature of 360 Recognition

Available now as a free addition to your 360 Recognition program, Terryberry is introducing Onboarding. With Onboarding, employees will be prompted to complete their profile by answering questions about themselves. They can see their progress below the navigation bar.

Tailor the questions you ask employees to things that are important to your workplace and culture, but also allow you to find common ground. Learning about employee’s hobbies, favorite movies, and go to snack foods are easy ways to engage a new employee in conversation, or provide a team treat at the end of a successful first week on the job. Not sure what to ask? No problem. Terryberry has a list of recommended questions you can choose from in order to start on the right foot.

Create a handful of short answer or multiple-choice questions that employees can respond to. You can even flag questions so that their responses are only visible to management.

Use onboarding profiles for recognition

Want to give an employee an award for exceptional accomplishments? Before you make a big speech or put them on the spot, check their profile to see what they’re comfortable with. Some employees crave the spotlight, others might prefer a simple handwritten note and a private conversation. One of the most important pieces in creating a meaningful and effective recognition culture is the ability to identify and communicate your appreciation in a medium that will engage and motivate employees to keep coming into work with a positive attitude and a desire to perform.

Onboarding also gives your employees some direction on other ways to get engaged in your recognition program. Invitations to edit a profile picture, setup their notification preferences, edit the visibility of their birthday, or link their recognition moments to an outside social media account are now at their fingertips.

Employees have the ability to edit and update their answers to onboarding questions at any time by clicking the “More About Me” button on their My Wall page. Managers looking to learn about their employees can click the button to see employees’ answers.

Increase program adoption

Want to take things one step further? Onboarding allows you to assign an award or points to employees who have completed their profiles. Recognizing and rewarding employees who have taken the few minutes required to engage in the program will go a long way.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to your 360 Recognition Specialist to get onboard. Don’t wait. Start engaging your employees from day one, with Onboarding.