In our ongoing efforts to build meaningful and effective recognition programs for our clients, Terryberry has partnered with Red e App, integrating 360 Recognition in order to better reach and recognize your non-desk workers.

You’re sure to have some questions, so we thought we might try to answer some preemptively:

What is Red e App?

Red e App is a mobile workforce platform designed to help companies connect their unconnected employees. The platform empowers companies to better manage and optimize unconnected team members by removing traditional complexities and intelligently connecting the right employee to the right manager, messaging, and information that helps get them red e for work! Red e App also helps companies streamline and automate manual tasks including training, completing forms, managing open shifts, and workflows to create broad operational efficiencies, accountability, and unprecedented insights into employee engagement, deployment – and now recognition!

How does 360 Recognition Integrate?

We’ve partnered with Red e App to create an integration taking Red e App users from their Resources section right into 360 Recognition.  With this integration, non-desk workers don’t need to worry about finding an available kiosk, asking a manager to use the computer, or filling out a paper form for recognition, they can do it through the corporate communication app they’re already using! Not only is it easier for employees to send recognition, but 360 Recognition can send notifications to employees through Red e App whenever they’ve been recognized.  Letting a non-desk worker know that their efforts are appreciated has long been a challenge of Recognition Software, but with Red e App and 360 Recognition, your non-desk workers will know every time they’ve been recognized!

We already use Red e App, how do we link our 360 Recognition program?

Reach out to your Terryberry 360 Recognition Specialist.  They’ll set up a technical meeting with your program admin team and our friends at Red e App to iron out the details for integrating the two programs.

We’ve never heard of Red e App, where can we learn more?

Check them out at, and if you schedule a demo, don’t forget to tell them that Terryberry sent you and that you want to integrate your existing Recognition program.

Our goal with this integration has been to help our customers be better able to recognize their unplugged employees. Recognition, in its most basic form, is simply the communication of gratitude and appreciation.  We hope that partnering with communication specialists like Red e App will help your recognition culture grow and enable you to reach those employees who may deserve it the most.