Terryberry would like to bring to the attention our remediation plan and timeline regarding the Intel Chip Vulnerabilities that were announced two weeks ago. Intel released a statement informing users of Intel chip vulnerabilities dating 15 years back. The vulnerability is described in two ways:

  1. Meltdown Vulnerability which can be remediated by patching
  2. Spectre Flaw which can only be corrected only by replacement of a new chip

This vulnerability pertains to the hardware of your computer and although Terryberry’s platform is cloud based, our service provider AWS, is taking the proper measures to ensure your security. https://aws.amazon.com/security/security-bulletins/AWS-2018-013/

Here is a statement from Terryberry’s CIO regarding the issue:

“AWS, our service provider, has updated their underlying servers.  They are recommending OS level updates as well. Terryberry is in the process of installing the service pack updates on our development servers.  The production server updates will start on or before Monday, January 22nd 2018.  The project will be completed by Sunday, January 28th.”

Please feel free to contact 360regognitionsupport@terryberry.com with any questions or concerns.